Release notes



Bug fixes:

  • Fix handling invalid polygon wall calculation.
  • Fix report table headers order.
  • Fix the S’RV measurement position in the report.
  • Fix the authorization header when the user is not authenticated.



What’s New:

  • This release includes experimental user interface written in React, available to select users.
  • Improved accuracy of left ventricular (LV) endocardium segmentation, especially in LV focused images.
  • Improved detection of apical foreshortening.

Bug Fixes:

  • E’ RV parameter moved to right ventricular domain.
  • Strain segments are not shown in the report.
  • Average calculation from multiple values for the same measurement



  • Improved accuracy of apical and parasternal long axis measurements

  • Physiological bounds for measurements

  • Small bugfixes



  • Ejection fraction accuracy improvements
  • Bug fixes



  • User Interface Enhancements:
    • Resolved various bugs and improved overall stability in the user interface.
  • Improved DICOM Sorting:
    • Implemented
    • a sorting mechanism to display DICOMs in the user interface based on
    • their respective dates, ensuring a chronological order for easier
    • accessibility and analysis.
    • Ejection Fraction Calculation Enhancements:
    • Upgraded the ejection fraction calculation functionality, resulting in more accurate and reliable measurements.
  • Enhanced Worker Container CPU Usage Controls:
    • Introduced customizable limits for worker container CPU usage to provide more flexibility and control over resource allocation.
    • Users can now adjust the CPU usage limits of worker containers according to their specific requirements.



  • Support for measurement prediction models for left ventricular ejection fraction
  • Updated report UI
  • Illustrations viewable from report UI
  • Valve table in report
  • Minor bugfixes
  • Support for RLE lossless DICOM transfer syntax.



  • Measurement labels bug fix.



  • Support for 17 or 18 global longitudinal strain segment models added.
  • Ejection fraction values and patient information added to strain analysis report.
  • API improvements: annotation points included in measurements endpoint, DICOM UID can be used in cine selection for strain analysis.
  • Report editor design updated.



  • Export Strain Analysis Videos: Now you can easily export strain analysis videos directly from our software. This new feature allows you to save and share videos of your strain analysis results with colleagues, patients, or anyone else who needs to see them.
  • Authentication through URL using Bearer Token: this new feature ensures that only authorized users can access data trough URL.
  • ​DICOM UIDs added to measure and measurement API endpoints: With the addition of DICOM UIDs to our measure and measurement API endpoints, you can now easily identify specific measurements and analyses, making it easier to keep track of your data and streamline your workflow.



  • Scramble UIDs before parsing
  • Scramble UIDs with upload
  • Fix double serialization of results
  • TAPSE manual measurement bug fix
  • Adding DICOM UID to API request responses.



  • Improved error messaging for upload view.
  • Added DICOM UIDs anonymization algorithm.
  • Added Decompression for JPEG Lossless, Nonhierarchical, First-Order Prediction (Processes 14) Transfer Syntax.
  • Added for OpenAPI3.
  • Updated Analysis API.



  • Fix for demo account creation.
  • Fix for admin panel UI not displayed correctly.
  • Fix for delete study API.



  • Improved image classification without using metadata (only neural networks).
  • Improved strain accuracy.
  • Strain view user interface and user experience improved.
  • Fix for annotation drawing does not complete properly.
  • Improved accuracy in PLA view automated measurements.
  • Added optional setting to reject DICOMs without regions metadata.
  • Add export study functionality.
  • Fix for DICOM upload with bad request payload.



  • Improved visualization of endocardial border tracking in strain measurements.
  • Created UI to select measurement for strain analysis.
  • Created UI to change strain contours in ED and ES frames.



  • Improve measurement accuracy made on PLAX view mode and exclude STJ measurements from automated measurements.
  • Improve A2CH, A3CH, A4CH, PLAX image classification accuracy.

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