Release notes



  • Added advanced search functionality to list of studies
  • Reworked and improved upload UI
  • Added new measurements: PWLVOT Vmax, PWLVOT VTI, ACT, SP (TDPWRVLW)
  • Measurement labels are now hidden by default
  • Added warning message when software is opened on mobile devices
  • Improved image anonymization
  • Reworked feature/cycle detection
  • General UI improvements and bug fixes



  • Images with annotation now will appear on top in right side drawer
  • Its now possible to remove selected measurements from images
  • Increased annotation line width
  • Annotations handles now will increase when hovering on them
  • Reimplemented geometry, shapes, calculations of axis and volumes
  • Added TDPW semi-automation to auto measure functionality
  • Added CWTV to auto measure
  • Fixed an issue where auto-measurement would produce an error if started on not loaded image
  • Fixed an issue where report editor would crash on anonymized study
  • Fixed crash in report generation
  • Fixed lav calculation and improved area-length
  • Minor fixes for dicom analysis
  • Report styling improvements
  • Updated third party dependencies to the latest version if possible
  • Updated to python 3.9 and node 16


  • Scaling measurements text size based on measurements count.
  • Auto-measuring on selected frame for A2CH, A4CH images.
  • Automated segmentation on images with CW regions and PW regions.
  • Converting from polygon to time line in a spectral wave dopler with proper regions data.
  • Added cypress for E2E testing.
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.


  • DIMSE C-MOVE operation testing.
  • About, report issue, shortcut keys, help, manual dialogs updated.
  • Favicon added.
  • Storage modules refactored and additional automated tests.
  • Anonymization settings added.
  • RAMAD calculation fix.
  • FE body background matched with top navbar.
  • FE view router push dublication bug fix, overscroll bug fix


Known bugs:

  • Some browsers do not support replaceAll method which raises „Vue TypeError this.$store.state.version.replaceAll is not a function“.
  • Sometimes when drawing new annotations and measurements right after deleting some annotations with measurements the client gets error 404.
  • DICOM files with transfer syntax of JPEG2000 cannot be decompressed.
  • When opening studies with 4 DICOMs in it on image load the client sometimes gets: JS error: TypeError: cannot read property getBoundingClientRect of undefined…
  • On frontend when drawing new annotation sometimes the user gets Cannot read property “id” of null error and the measurement related to the annotation is not saved.

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