Echocardiography that makes sense

Ligence Heart™
Software for Intelligent Heart Ultrasound Image Analysis

Echo workflow that makes sense

Ligence Heart™
Software for Intelligent Heart Ultrasound Image Analysis

Echocardiography that makes sense

Ligence Heart™ Software for Intelligent Heart Ultrasound Analysis
Ligence echocardiography reporting software ai

What we offer

Let us take care of your workflow and remove all obstacles. Ligence Heart is an out-of-the-box, web-based, fully integrated echocardiography analysis suite.

A workflow that
makes sense

Multitasking is neither healthy nor effective. Focus on each task separately to improve accuracy and save time

Reliable and
interactive software

Yet another software to learn to work with?! Don’t worry; we designed our interface to resemble the programs you work with daily. It’s easy to edit and make measurements on your own

Integration with
existing systems

Outsiders are not welcome in a complicated healthcare setting. Let us seamlessly integrate with your PACS, clouds, physical servers – you name it

Intuitive review and

With the increasing pressure on reporting rules, allow us to take that load off your shoulders. Choose the guidelines – EACVI, BSE, or ASE – and let us do the rest of the job.
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Say goodbye to multitasking

Getting those perfect angles, empathetically answering all the patient’s questions, eyeballing EF and other measurements, scribbling down notes, and writing up a thorough report – it’s a whole lot of multitasking during a quick echo (2D TTE) session. And that constant stream of patients! But that’s where Ligence Heart steps in to help you focus on each task separately.




Report based on your preferred guidelines

Results highlighted in red indicate measurements that fall outside the normal range

Calculate the value created for you

Ligence Heart Conservative Ligence Heart
Price per echo
Time to take images (min)
Time to make a report (min)
Images are taken by
Number of echoes per day
Revenue generated per year
Value created

Heart failure, aortic stenosis, amyloidosis and more

Our AI Technology’s Segmentation Capabilities

Research highlights

Provide evidence-based care and use tools that are verified in research. We collaborate with well-known hospitals and world-class leaders in cardiac ultrasound imaging to produce the best results and ensure the highest quality research.

Integrate with PACS, EHR and more

Hospitals use many standard data systems to communicate information across medical devices and software. We have it all covered. Do you have a unique situation or in-house-made software? No need to worry, we will make personalized solutions and APIs to work with any system.


Utilizing high-frequency sound waves, this non-invasive imaging technique offers real-time visualization of cardiac chambers, valves, and blood flow dynamics. However, alongside its imaging capabilities, the echocardiography report plays a
As a cardiology resident, the pivotal choice between specializing in imaging or interventional cardiology shapes your career trajectory in profound ways. While both paths offer distinct advantages and challenges, exploring
Echocardiography, revered as the cornerstone of cardiovascular imaging, plays a pivotal role in the comprehensive assessment of heart failure. Through high-resolution imaging and Doppler techniques, echocardiography provides invaluable insights into

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