Echo as a prognostic tool in COVID-19


The recent publication in Medscape, an online medical knowledge resource platform for medical professionals, suggests that echocardiography (2D transthoracic echocardiography) is the best practical prognostic measure for in-hospital patient mortality assessment.

Innostars Awards Winner


Ligence has won the Innostars Awards hosted by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. Ligence is a small startup company with a great idea and a heroic goal that will bring innovative solutions in healthcare.

Lithuanian Startup Museum


Ligence has been chosen to be displayed at the first in the world and first in Lithuania Startup Museum. The initiative is curated by Go Vilnius an agency for tourism and business development in Vilnius city

Echocardiography for COVID-19 Patients


Heart ultrasound might be extremely important to patients tested positive for COVID-19. The disease itself shows very complex pathophysiological mechanisms and may cause a variety of illnesses. Therefore, the examination can benefit patient outcomes in terms of survival and recovery from the disease.

On our way to Toronto


Our CEO will participate in the programme with the intention to understand Canadian market better and broaden our network.