Echocardiography for COVID-19 Patients

An article in British Heart Foundation website describes how echocardiography can change the treatment course of a patient.

Heart ultrasound might be extremely important to patients tested positive for COVID-19. The disease itself shows very complex pathophysiological mechanisms and may cause a variety of illnesses. Therefore, the examination can benefit patient outcomes in terms of survival and recovery from the disease.

Medical doctors remain hesitant about echocardiography for COVID-19 positive patients. Their main concern is the physician’s prolonged exposure during the examination. Heart ultrasounds might take up to 90 minutes, therefore the risk for medical doctors remains high.

Ligence is building CardioEchoAI – a system that can automatically detect the heart image view and perform the measurements for a physician. This will result in shorter examination time because medical doctors will not have to do the measurements themselves, thus limiting their exposure.

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