Ligence granted development of CardioEchoAI

Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LVPA) has decided to fund development of CardioEchoAI – the tool for 2D transhoracic echocardiography automation.

The funding is a part of ”Ekpserimentas” business tool programme that promotes development and market entry of innovative products.

Cardiovascular problems comprise roughly 37% of all disease related deaths worldwide. Each year there are over 6.1 milion cases in European Union only and the financial burden it causes is EUR 210 B a year.

The toll is very high and drastic measures must be taken to alleviate it. One of the most effective methods to prevent mortality from cardiovascular diseases is to diagnose a disease as soon as possible. The method of choice for early diagnosis is transthoracic echocardiography because it is cheap and widely available. However, patients, especially in Europe, do not have a quick access to this examination. The average waiting time for the latter is 5 weeks in EU countries. The main reason behind it is the amount of manual work, expertise and skills required to accurately perform diagnosis. Therefore, the process must be automated to make the examination as fast as possible.

CardioEchoAI will take away all the pain by making the measurements automatically and sending them to a cardiologist for the final validation.

We at Ligence believe that CardioEchoAI holds a very huge potential to make echocardiography easily accessible to everyone and reduce the burden of cardiovascular diseases.

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